Birmingham-based businesswoman Jessy Kauldhar is a holistic interior designer, quantity surveyor and holistic therapist. Her passion has become her work as she provides a unique experience for those who wish to transcend the meaning of turning a house into a home.

Jessy Kauldhar

As the founder of L’atelier Kauldhar, Jessy has combined her love for interior design and her spiritual outlook on the world into a successful business. She is providing a service that caters to every customer individually.

Jessy’s journey with the holistic world and lifestyle began while she was living in the Middle East as she embarked on an odyssey of self-discovery. Her interest brought her to the world of Usui Reiki, a system of natural healing. Reiki is translated into “Universal life energy”, which Jessy has adopted into her Interior Design business model. Allowing herself to be more in touch with her spiritual self through techniques such as Holotropic Breathwork and Brennan healing, Jessy has brought forward a gap-in-the-market that her business solely dominates, touching customers’ inner psyche in order to provide a fulfilling home for those who ask.
I wanted to know why choosing an interior design that caters to an individual both physically and emotionally was important, said Jessy.
“Unless a person is 100% happy and feels comfortable in their immediate environment, it is going to negatively impact their health and wellbeing. This impact might not be dramatic in the sense that its effects are noticed overnight, but gradual. The latter being worse, because the awareness of what’s happening often comes much later on, when the effects have fully taken control of the individual.
To counteract this, a person’s home, must resonate with and be in alignment with their needs, such that when they walk into that home, they feel a sense of relief, happiness, and joy of being home, in their sanctuary. This alignment can only be achieved through interior design. Why? Because interior design covers not only aesthetics, i.e. the pretty-factor, functionality and spatial planning, but also the fulfilment of deep-rooted desires of how an individual wishes to live and how they wish to feel.”
“I’m proud of the fact that my company takes a holistic approach to interior design and doesn’t just approach interiors from the conventional aesthetics perspective. It is very much about ensuring the needs of the individuals are met on all levels, conscious and subconscious.”
One of the services L’atelier Kauldhar provides is exclusive made-to-order home fragrances, scented candles, and reed diffusers. This is an essential aspect of her company. Jessy states:
‘The fragrances have been intuitively selected to support and enhance an individual as they undertake a specific activity within the zone to which the fragrance has been paired. For example, a fragrance that has been paired to a work zone, has been selected specifically for its scent properties which aid concertation, alertness, focus and so on. Likewise, a fragrance paired to a relaxation zone will have scent properties that help a person unwind and relax.”
Jessy offers a 1-hour virtual fragrance zoning consultation for this issues competition. Since the pandemic, working from home has become both a luxury and a necessity for employees from around the UK. People are spending more time indoors.
“The need to therefore compartmentalize homes and find intuitive techniques to switch off on a subconscious level has increased, and this is where fragrance zoning is paving the way.”
A virtual fragrance zoning consultation could be the very thing your home needs, whether you wish for a relaxation zone after a long day or a fragrance to keep you concentrated and attentive while at a work in your office. It’s evident that Jessy loves to connect with her customers and puts all of her efforts into creating a home that caters to a positive mental state.
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