Brighten up your home with interior superior

Nicky Shallcross’ home is filled with eclectic and fun curiosities because she loves seeking out things that are a bit different that make you stop and stare.

She had always wanted to create a business that offers a range of products that make homes and people happy, and following successful treatment for breast cancer, Nicky had the chance to re-evaluate what she wanted to do with her life.

However, it was after Marie Kondo (a Japanese organising consultant, author, and TV presenter) posted a picture of Nicky’s colourful new kitchen on her Instagram page that Nicky realised the gap in the marketplace for a colourful homeware business combining new and preloved items. And so interior superior was born.

Do not expect boring, because Nicky says life is too short. “Boring spaces aren’t good for creativity and aren’t a reflection of people’s individual personalities. I love being in environments filled with curiosities that tell stories, spark my interest, or make me smile.”

Apart from selling products that add colour and bring joy to clients Nicky also believes in operating a business that implements sustainable practices.

“We pick our partners carefully and work with people who make their products sustainably and all the postal packaging we use as well as the paper tape and flyers are recyclable or made from recycled materials. Then every time you place an order with interior superior, a tree is planted in one of Ecologi’s responsible reforestation sites around the world. We know it’s a small action from our side but from acorns, mighty oaks grow!”

Having been diagnosed with breast cancer aged 36, Nicky is a proud supporter of CoppaFeel!, a UK charity that is ensuring breast cancer is diagnosed early by empowering young people to check their breasts regularly and know their normal because early detection improves survival chances.

interior superior has curated a fun CoppaFeel! product selection where 25% of all sales go to the CoppaFeel! charity.

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