Danni, who runs ZaZa’s Storybox. Danni’s business offers unique children’s boxes, all including an entertaining book as well as themed toys for your little ones to keep them engaged and reading. 

We spoke with Danni on the importance of reading, what her business means to her, and how reading with your children can make the upcoming festive season even more special. 

Danni’s passion for her business comes from seeing the benefits to her own daughter when they began reading together: “My business was inspired by my daughter’s love of books when she was very young. When I saw the enjoyment she got when we read together, I started to research the significance of early childhood reading and realised just how crucial it is for their development in so many ways. I also discovered that many families do not read to their children and many children do not even own a book of their own and at this point I decided I wanted to try and get as many families reading together as possible.”

Reading at a young age is paramount to cultivate a child’s curiosity and their hunger for learning and is one of the best ways to strengthen your bond with your child. “Reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success. Reading with your little one is like planting a magical seed that will continue to flourish as they grow. When you read with them, you are exposing them to new words they may not otherwise hear, you are sparking their imagination, teaching them language skills like the art of conversation, and listening.

“In addition to this, the bonding experience you get when reading with your little one is very special and can create lasting memories for you both. Reading to your little one is honestly one of the best gifts you can give them!” said Danni. 

Danni’s boxes are specifically tailored to what your child needs at different ages, which is what she considers to be at the heart of her business: “We are unique in that each Storybox in our baby and toddler subscription is curated for the precise age of the recipient. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. For example, a newborn baby would receive a Storybox featuring black and white books and contrasting images to capture their attention and develop their eyesight. Fast forward to 6 months and the theme shifts to textures as it is at this age that little explorers are reaching out and feeling the books with their tiny hands

“Our little subscribers quickly begin to recognise their special package each month and get excited when their delivery arrives creating a natural love of books.” 

Danni also urged parents to go the extra step when reading to their children, and the more fun and interactive the better: “Keep it fun! Make the silly animal noises, give the characters expressions, re-tell the story in your own way or with props. Select books that align with what your little one is interested in if you are struggling to get them engaged and give them a job to do such as lifting flaps, finding something on each page or simply turning the page.

“If you have got a little one with a short attention span then pick up a book yourself and start reading – it won’t be long before they are keen to see what you are up to and want to copy! If they see you reading a book, they are more likely to be enthusiastic about engaging with books too.”