Perfect for your front door! ‘My Scented Home’ situated on a beautiful farm located near Corfe Castle in Dorset is owned and operated by Catherine Cax.

“I have also always loved dried flowers and had them as my headdress at my wedding. One year, I started experimenting with dried fruit at Christmas making decorations and selling them to friends and at local markets. The dried fruit sold well, and the following year decided to increase my range. Which is when I started working with dried flowers.”

So, after spending 20 years in network marketing Catherine, who had always loved rural crafts decided to start her own business and has never looked back.

“It is important to me that I work in a sustainable way and am conscious of the environment. This is partly why I love dried flowers, as it means I can provide a floral gift that won’t die within a week.

“I also don’t use floral foam in my work, opting for natural materials for wreath bases, such as straw and birch twigs, to make bases. My larger installations are constructed using chicken wire which can be reused multiple times. I limit my use of dyed dried flowers, opting for the natural colour of the flowers and growing as many as I can myself or sourcing British-grown flowers. It is also important to me that I create products that are luxurious in look but affordable in price.”
The inspiration behind her designs comes from the countryside she lives in.

“I’m so proud of how my business has grown and developed – from making dried fruit Christmas tree decorations to creating large-scale installations in hospitality venues. I love working with dried flowers and I have the best job in the world. I also love being able to offer workshops for others, teaching them how to create beautiful, dried flower wreaths and garlands for themselves.”

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