Questions on mortgages, conveyancing, or credit ratings answered in 
new home buying podcast series

In an increasingly challenging home buying market, people searching for their dream property can now access guidance from mortgage brokers, conveyancers, and house sales advisors in a newly launched podcast series hosted by Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes.

The ‘New Home Buyers’ podcast tackles a different subject in each edition, including mortgage matters, overcoming the challenges of first-time buying, and the costs of moving house and running a new home. Experts interviewed include mortgage brokers, conveyancers, and new home sales advisors.
Russell Glimstead, Regional Managing Director, Barratt Developments, said: “These are challenging times for people considering a move, particularly first-time buyers. In these short podcasts, we cover lots of ground with our experts.

“We cover subjects that our customers tell us are important to them. Our message is that help and advice to navigate the challenges of home-buying are close to hand from people with decades of experience supporting many other buyers move home. We want to get home-buyers, particularly first-time purchasers, engaged in the conversation to make sure the search for their dream home is less daunting and as understandable as possible.”

One expert interviewee is Kieron Gibbons, Conveyancing Executive at Risdon Hosegood Solicitors, who said: “As legal advisers we ensure that home buyers are aware of what they are purchasing, including their rights around home ownership. The legal aspects of the home-buying process can be complex, so I’m seeking to demystify these during the podcast.”

Other expert interviewees include Felicity Barnett, from The Mortgage Brain. She said: “Some first-time buyers may think they can’t afford to buy now. But we encourage people to check their finances carefully and discuss their options with a broker before deciding whether to buy. The podcasts explore this point in more detail and help buyers to prepare their plans.”

The complete set of podcast shows can be found at and can also be discovered on Apple iTunes and Spotify. Listeners can subscribe to the channel for notifications when two more podcasts are released in early 2023, covering topics such as sustainable living, how new homes are built, and further information on finances.
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