How often have you just wanted to get home to relax in your own space, escaping the madness outside your front door? Only to realise your space is just as chaotic and cluttered.

Where do you start decluttering and detoxifying your home so the moment you walk through your front door, you can enter a calming space that enables you to relax?
Many might find this a daunting task. Not knowing how to achieve this or even where to start. This scenario, however, is perfect for the Style Sisters, Gemma Lilly and Charlotte Reddington, who thrive in creating calm from the chaos created by homeowners.
Over the past five years, this dynamic duo has played a key role in assisting celebrities and homeowners to turn chaotic rooms into calming zones and organise rooms so that every item has its own place.
Psychologically, the positive impact of stepping into an organised space within one’s home does wonders for one’s soul. And, say Gemma and Charlotte, transforming your home not only makes your life happier but makes living within your home a lot easier.

Get into the mood of decluttering
According to Charlotte, the impact of cleaning up a messy drawer, cupboard or room creates instant satisfaction. “Ensuring everything has a home and is in its place makes you feel good,” states Charlotte.
One can feel overwhelmed before starting to declutter, adds Gemma. “So, I advise starting with something small – like a drawer. Also, write a list of what you want to achieve when decluttering your home and tick off each item as you progress.
Decluttering forms a key element of tidying up your home, and says Charlotte, it feels good letting go of items that you no longer wear or use. “Just let the item go; if you have not used an item or worn a piece of clothing in over six months, get rid of it. Donate it to a charity, give it to a friend, or sell it.”

Top tips for organising
“Label everything,” states Gemma, “especially in the kitchen. Because that way, no family member has an excuse to create a mess.”
Adds Charlotte, “Categorise and contain. Keep all your belongings in categories, this ensures everything is in its place so all kitchen utensils stay in the kitchen drawer as opposed to the bedroom drawer.”
Gemma concurs with categorising your belongings, “If you are splitting up your wardrobe, then store your summer clothes together, and the same applies to your winter wardrobe. In the grand scheme of things, it is about using your common sense at home and with the space you have.
“This can be under beds, at the top of wardrobes and even behind doors – any unused space. Keep all your high heels in one place, and put your sandals in an over-the-door storage rack – so you have separate categories for your belongings.
“That way, you will always know where everything is and where to store certain items when not using it.”

Psychological impact
“The psychological impact once you have tidied up and decluttered is huge,” states Charlotte, “it feels like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.”
“It is amazing how many people do not realise how an untidy space has a negative impact on a person. So, this is a great way to give yourself a mental lift and improve your lifestyle.”

Styling one’s home
Gemma and Charlotte are also expert interior designers, having conducted home makeovers for ITV.
When asked how you can do it on a budget, Charlotte quickly states that to elevate a room instantly, just add cushions or a painting, as these can make a difference in freshening up a room and adding character to it.
“The first process, even with styling a room,” says Gemma, “is stripping back the items in the room because you do not want to be styling around items you do not want. Once you know what you have left, start introducing key pieces of furniture and artwork that reflect the person you are.
Shop savvy, peruse the Facebook marketplace in your area, visit charity shops and even upcycle your existing furniture – numerous YouTube tutorials show you how.

Create your own style
If you are still trying to figure out your style to create the perfect room to relax and unwind, whether in your bedroom or living room, then turn to social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram. “Take screenshots of your favourite rooms and furniture, and more than likely, you will see a common trend starting to form from where you can work on what you want to create for yourself,” elaborates Gemma.
“These become a visual aid for you and can help steer you toward creating a room with a new style that will have a calming effect on you.”
The key here is ensuring you keep the rooms tidy and everything in its place.
“Create your own style that has a calming effect on you,” states Charlotte, “because then you create your own trend that never goes out of fashion.”
Both agree that you must be confident in your tastes, and if the revamped room enables you to relax, you have done a great job.

Feel great
The Style Sisters are confident that by decluttering as you tidy up, you detoxify your living space and create a more positive home to unwind, relax and be yourself.
The feelgood factor this creates, they believe, does wonders to the soul, and if you create order in each room, the positive benefits created do wonders to a person.
“It is lovely having an organised place and if you get into the habit of putting everything back in its place all of the time, then your space becomes a happy place for you to flourish,” they conclude.

Who are the Style Sisters
Over the past five years, Gemma Lilly and Charlotte Reddington have been transforming people’s homes and adding order to untidy rooms. Besides appearing regularly on ITV, celebrities such as Kady McDermott, Jemma Collins, Amanda Holden and Vickie Patterson have them on speed dial. Neither Gemma nor Charlotte envisaged their business would be where it is today when they decided to launch the company. Still, their passion for perfection is paying dividends creating a positive impact in homes across the UK.