A new study has revealed the most aesthetically pleasing houseplants on TikTok with Aloe Vera taking the top spot.

The research conducted by gardening experts AllAboutGardening.com analyzed TikTok data to establish which houseplants have the most views on the platform in order to find out which houseplant is the most aesthetically pleasing.

The study found that Aloe Vera is the most aesthetically pleasing houseplant with over 2.3 billion views under the aloe vera hashtag on TikTok. Aloe vera is known to be relatively easy to maintain, thriving well in sunlight and warmer temperatures.

The second most aesthetically pleasing houseplant is the pothos plant, more commonly known as Devil’s Ivy. Between the scientific name and the nickname, Devil’s Ivy has amassed 312.4 million views on TikTok.

In third place is the Swiss Cheese plant, known by its scientific name as Monstera deliciosa. There have been 242 million views under TikTok hashtags related to the plant. The plant is incredibly popular mainly due to the fact that it’s relatively easy to take care of and rarely gets any diseases – ideal for anyone wanting to get into houseplants.

The Sansevieria, more commonly known as the snake plant is the fourth most popular houseplant, according to TikTok. The plant which is known for absorbing toxins, places so highly as a result of 161.9 million views under hashtags related to the snake plant.

Rounding out the top five is the fiddle-leaf fig, known scientifically as ficus lyrata. The fiddle-leaf fig hashtag on TikTok has 94 million views whilst the hashtag of ‘ficuslyrata’ has 15.6 million views, leading to a total view count of 109.6 million – the fifth highest number. The plant that can grow up to ten feet tall is a popular choice with the plant thriving in bright spots that aren’t in direct sunlight, making them perfect for many spots throughout the home.

*  Aloe Vera is the most popular houseplant on TikTok, amassing over 2.3 billion views on the platform

*  Pothos is the second with 312 million views whilst the Swiss cheese plant ranks third with 242 million views

The most aesthetically pleasing houseplants, according to TikTok