Your homes could have some unforeseen weaknesses making you and your household susceptible to robberies. Luckily for you, we’re here to help!

Almost nothing is more important than your home. It’s where you can truly be yourself, relax, spend time with your family, and decompress after a long week of work. However, burglaries are a real threat to you and everything you hold dear. But don’t fear. This article discusses the best ways to prevent a robber from stealing possessions.

In the UK, burglaries are prevalent in counties such as Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire, and the West Midlands. Greater Manchester reaches heights of 14,900 houses burgled annually, with South Yorkshire and West Midlands extending between 13,300 and 13,200 robberies. So, we’ve compiled information about burglaries to protect your homes, as it’s always better to know your enemy.

According to research, 32% of incidents occur between 6pm and midnight, with 26% perpetrated from midnight to 6am. This means that 58% of robberies are undergone when the sun has set.  Furthermore, 70% of burglaries happen during the week. This is likely because the thieves expect you to be at work.

As it’s to be expected, a large percentage of robbers are likely to be strangers, with 57% of incidents being carried out by people you don’t know. However, it would be best if you remained vigilant, as 43% of larceny is carried out by people you already know. To break this down, 24% is perpetrated by individuals well known to you already, while acquaintances commit 19%.

Another way to protect yourself from burglary is to understand which items are likely to be targeted. In 40% of incidents, your purse/wallet/cash is the most common prey, with items such as jewellery and watches reaching 32%. You must also be watchful with electronic items, such as computers, cameras, and mobile phones are among the top items to be taken.

Now let us assume the worst has happened. You’ve just come home from work to find the window smashed, and all your possessions were taken nowhere to be found. Statistics have found that 44% of incidents cost £1,000 or more. Therefore, we implore you to invest in home insurance to soften the blow.

Now, the best course of action is to prevent the robbery from happening in the first place, so here’s what you need to do.

Install an intelligent home security system.

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Wireless sirens, sensors, keypads, and cameras are the perfect line of defence. The last thing a burglar wants is their face on camera, as this will provide a perfect identification to the police. Furthermore, silent alarms will alert the police and could catch the perpetrator in the act, guaranteeing a jail sentence.

Use smart lighting.  

One of the best deterrents against robbers is lighting within your house. This gives the illusion that somebody is already home, as robbers are more likely to avoid trespassing when someone is there to make it more difficult for them.

Check your locks.

This may seem simple, but you would be surprised how many robberies occur due to your house not being locked properly. You should habitually check the locks on all the doors and windows in your property before leaving. A simple mistake could be all it takes for your valuables to be taken.

Join your local community groups.

The saying “strength in numbers” is an entirely accurate statement. Joining a watchdog group could be the most significant factor in stopping a robbery on your property. A coalition of multiple households looking out for each other dramatically increases your chances of keeping your household protected. As when you’re not around to protect it, your community will protect it for you.

Hide valuable items

Finally, if all else fails, the best defence is to hide your items. Make it harder for the trespasser to get what they’re looking for. Better yet, invest in a personal safe. This is an extra layer of defence against unwanted guests. Keep the code to yourself, and don’t give it out to anyone (Remember, 24% of robberies are committed by people you already know well.)