Many dream of one day having the opportunity to build their own home but few actually get to live that dream. Luckily for Anthony, aged 29, and Nataleigh, aged 25, this dream became a reality even if it wasn’t planned in the first place. 

As a multi-skilled labourer for Esh Homes, Anthony has been part of the team which has spent the last several months building a 129-home development in Loftus near Saltburn by the Sea.

Whilst working on site, Anthony’s manager asked Beyond Housing if Anthony would be able to move into one of the new homes with his partner Nataleigh. After a successful application, the couple was offered a plot on the Hummersea Hills development. Anthony was able to request his preferred plot, a house with a large garden, and they were able to move in quickly thanks to the affordable rent scheme.

Adding to the excitement, nursery practitioner Nataleigh, who is Anthony’s partner of three years, recently turned 25 years old, and on that day was welcomed with balloons and banners as she parked her car outside her new two-bedroom home.

Nataleigh commented: “Since I first met Anthony, we have often talked about getting our own place together and I’m so glad that it has finally happened. A couple of days before my birthday I received I call from Beyond Housing, and they confirmed that I would be getting the keys on my birthday! It really was such a happy coincidence.”

Anthony added: “It’s a nice feeling to say that I have helped build our first home together and it was even better to celebrate the occasion on Nataleigh’s birthday.

“In a short time of us living here, we have already spoken to some lovely neighbours, and I can’t wait to see where this next chapter will take us.”

Lucy Sharman, Housing Manager at Beyond Housing said: “We were delighted to welcome Anthony and Nataleigh to their new home and help provide Nataleigh with a birthday to remember.

“We’re particularly proud to provide housing for couples who are seeking to move in together for the first time and continue their journey as a couple.

“Our new Hummersea Hills development, which overlooks the Teesside coastline, offers a mix of tenures, including supported living homes for people with vulnerabilities and the affordable home ownership scheme, rent to buy, through Beyond Housing’s sales arm, Viola Homes.”