Shared ownership enables two families in the Midlands to find their homes.

Gemma, a single mum, in Loughborough had been looking to move on from renting to give herself and her daughter more security for the future. While Natalie and her partner were wanting to get onto the property ladder within their local area.

Gemma had been living in a two-bedroom rented home, and after six years of saving, was finally able to find a three-bedroom shared ownership home that was right for her and her daughter.

“I work in food poverty and was visiting the Co-op next door to collect donations when I saw the sign for the development being fitted,” said Gemma. “I took down the contact details and gave NCHA a call immediately. I also went through their Facebook page to get an idea of the types of homes they build.

“The location was perfect and very accessible, close to my daughter’s school and on the local bus route. What I also liked about the development is that it wasn’t huge like some of the ones I had been looking at. There are only 20 houses in total, and it is a nice little community.”

Gemma wasn’t only excited by the opportunity to call the home her own and make her way onto the property ladder, but also with the quality of home she was investing in. 

“The interior feels modern and sleek. I had previously rented a cold terraced house that was dated and had very little investment. It was a relief to leave! 

“I calculated I have spent over £55k on rent over the last eight years, which was wasted money. I am proud to now be putting money into something I own.

“My daughter Eloise is 10 and is happy in our new home. She can still go to the same school and see her friends, so it works well for both of us.” 

One of the assets of shared ownership housing is the flexibility, it’s completely up to the buyer whether they want to staircase the property, and work towards owning the property outright, or they’re happy to with their shares for as long as they want. 

Gemma says: “Luckily my mortgage is fixed for five years which gives me some security during these turbulent times. I am happy here, so I would consider buying more shares in the future.”

Local connection

In Buxton, Natalie and her partner also used shared ownership to finally find the house that’s right for them. The homes at Granby Road were made available to those with a local connection, to give priority to those who need help to stay local in affordable homes.

Both have work commitments and family in the region, so staying within the area was one of the key dealbreakers for their new home. The couple were able to save for their new home thanks to previously living with their parents and saved up enough to place their 5% deposit on the home. 

Natalie said: “We saw the sign at the development and went away to research shared ownership. The scheme suited our circumstances, so we picked our house off-plan in the early stages. It just jumped out at us; we feel like we have the best!

“We moved in just weeks before Christmas, and we made it the best. We couldn’t be happier. It’s the family home we’ve always dreamed of living in, and it would have been out of our reach without the opportunity shared ownership offered us.”